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About Us
Ace Transport LTD. is a multifaceted operation that "REMOVES" what ever you no longer want. Be it Trash, or Demolition materials...One call does it all !
Ace Transport Ltd. is a MA junk removal service that came into being in 1987 when the owner, as a local landlord, realized how costly containerized garbage pickup had become and how difficult it was to get rid of the furniture and junk tenants leave behind. Landlords needed a fast and inexpensive way to get rid of the weekly garbage accumulation and the assorted junk tenants put out. Thus, Ace Transport Ltd. was born.

During the banking crises of 1991, when the state shuttered 35 banking and lending institutions and landlords were walking away from their multi unit apartment buildings to foreclosure the management firms called upon Ace Transport Ltd. to get those buildings ready for sale once again, by removing all the furniture and junk the dispossessed tenants left behind. That’s when Ace Transport Ltd. began to expand by adding new trucks and crews to accommodate the demand for RI trash removal services.

Soon, Real Estate brokers from around the state and nearby Massachusetts were calling Ace Transport Ltd. in to clear houses, garages, basements, and attics so that they could maximize the selling potential for their listings by showing a clean property.

Now our RI junk removal crews work all over Rhode Island, Massachusetts, eastern Connecticut, and southern New Hampshire for customers just like you. This is our 25th year in business because, quite simply, we are very good at what we do.

One call to Ace Transport Ltd. does it all. We will set a day and time to get to your property, remove what you no longer want and send it off to the dump.
Want it gone? You call, we haul.

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